With personalized coaching I will customize your training around your personal circumstances. This leads to better results in less time because the program combination and intensity is built to train smarter.

Expert Coaching - $200/month

Expert coaching is for any athlete, whether you have a VQ membership or do not live close to a Performance Training Center, but would still like to benefit from the expertise of a Vision Quest Coach. Through an interactive, on-line training system ( I as your coach will deliver your training plan, collect your data, notes, comments, etc.


Since I am unable to see most of the athletes face-to-face to perform a fitness assessment, the start-up will be an introductory interview. Then I ask you to perform a field test to get base numbers and spend a bit more time upfront getting all the appropriate data and information to guide you best.

What Can you expect?

  • Fully personalized training plan on a weekly basis
    • Power-,  Pace- and Heart Rate-Based Training
    • Strength Program
    • Swim, Bike and Run Skills Development
  • Unlimited email communication
    • Post-Workout feedback
    • General Training and Race specific questions
  • Unlimited adjustments to your program based on post-workout and/or e-mail feedback
  • Weekly Skype meeting to discuss training development
  • Advice on race planning, tapering and race execution